It's no secret, and no wonder, that there is a rising bacon obsession in the world. We have certainly succumb to this obsession ourselves and this bacon jerky hits the spot every time. Jeff starts with super-premium gourmet bacon and slow-roasts it to perfection. It stays fresh and crisp, has a long shelf-life, and you can take it anywhere. 

Jeff's Famous Real Bacon Jerky is good enough on its own - I'm sure that went without saying. Some people still like a little something extra, because why not!? In this case, the something extra is honey & jalapeno. It's as good as it sounds...we can't wait for you to agree! As far as spiciness goes, this one lands somewhere in the middle...not too hot, not too mild. If you're looking for the spiciest out there, check out the Bacon Jerky Sriracha Style Black Pepper! After you add this to your cart, of course.