Jerky Dynasty is an online distributor for exotic jerky, gourmet jerky, bacon jerky and jerky subscription boxes. Customers love our jerky and we love our customers. We also love bacon. We started out offering Buffalo Bob's Jerky and it flew off the shelf so fast that we decided to add some additional brands and flavors to the mix. Now we have a bunch of amazing brands to choose from like Jeff's Famous Jerky, Dusty's, Lawless, Black Label, BIGS, and more. All of our products are made in the USA, 100% all natural, and come from responsible sources. 

Jerky Dynasty's jerky ranges from alligator meat to kangaroo from the Outback to delicious venison meat and all that is in between. And bacon jerky. Mmm...bacon. You're welcome to browse around and purchase something for yourself or send something as a gift. 

Keep checking back to our site as we're constantly adding new and exciting flavors. Want us to sell your Jerky?  Send us a sample and we might just add you to our offering!