Exotic & Gourmet Jerky and Great Gifts for Men (and Women)



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My mistake

I ordered 5 different varieties of jerky for a Christmas present. What I didn’t consider is the expiration date, which is way before Christmas. I was thinking that jerky lasted forever! Live and

Husband loved it!

This is the second time I’ve purchased this for my husband and he’s absolutely loved it. Great quality and great taste. We will be back again!

Awesome Birthday Gift or Care package!

I ordered "The Ultimate Everything Exotic Jerky Gifts for him" for some birthday presents within my family. I was very happy with the generous portions and the large variety within each of the packs. I have heard nothing but good things. For those whose who have family members within any of the services this makes an excellent gift or care package, especially when those members are deployed at sea or other extreme locations around the world. The order also appeared on my doorstep very quickly and in excellent shipping condition. Will definitely order again. Overall very much recommend.

The Ultimate Everything Exotic Jerky Gifts for him

Jerky Basket

Husband and I both loved the variety and flavors provided, great gift!

Camel Jerky
Jacqueline B.
Camel jerky

Husband lived this!

10 Piece Exotic Pack

I got this for my boyfriend for Valentines Day. He said it was the best jerky sticks he has had!

Great gift idea

I bought this as a Valentine's gift for my boyfriend. He initially thought I'd just gotten him an ammo can and he loved it. When he opened it up and found snacks, he REALLY loved it. :-)

Mixed review

Overall, I don’t feel that this set is worth the money. Some of the flavors are pretty good, like teriyaki, but some are really not- like the salmon. It’s just a very small amount of jerky for the price.


Such a great variety and they are all so good. Also you get a lot for the price. Will definitely be ordering more!

great jerky

Staff Favorite Pack

This was everything I expected and more!!! The flavor is so strong it comes through the packaging (in a good way!!) I have tried a few and they are amazing. Such good quality, flavor, and customer service!!!

Box not as big as I was hoping

Solid, not the best one though

Valentine's Day Gift

Since I have gotten this gifts for Valentine's Day He has ALWAYS loved everything. Great Products

I didn’t know what to put in my sons stocking this year and came across this website. He loved it bought a bunch of varieties. Definitely would recommend. This one was my favorite flavor!

Great Jerky but had an issue.

I have ordered from you several times in the past year, but this is the first time i got spoiled jerky. Not many only four but it was a big disappointment to see them mixed in with the good ones.

Reindeer Sausage

Outstanding sausage here, spicy but not TOO spicy. Reminded me of the deer sausage my otherwise useless uncle used to make ... and that's a good thing.

Jerky Dynasty was an incredible find.

Our department manager brought a variety pack of jerky and gave them as stocking stuff gifts at work. I finished off a wonderful stick of Wild Boar & Beef BBQ a was hooked. I jumped on the innerwebs and headed to the Jerky Dynasty website. It was quick & easy to use so a whole pack of Venison & Beef Teriyaki sticks were at my door in a few days. These are some high quality snacks that are clearly made with love. Thanks JD! I'll be back for more!

Alligator Cajun Jerky
Nathan Osborne

Alligator Cajun Jerky


I always buy jerky for my husband for Christmas because when he wakes up to read scripture and pray before we open our gifts, he is hungry. He absolutely LOVES the jerky I get from Jerky Dynasty. Especially the venison. Great product...will absolutely buy again!


I order from you guys every year it is absolutely amazing


Fresh, spicy, and full of flavor! Will order again!

Venison Sausage
Hmmmm good

Absolutely delicious.