Exotic & Gourmet Jerky and Great Gifts for Men (and Women)



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A Father's Day Hit!

We ordered the jerky for a Father's Day gift to the men of our church. Let me tell you, it was a big hit!
During the church service two random fathers were chosen to come up front for a "contest". A piece of jerky was cut in half and each dad was given a half to taste and guess what type of meat it was. They were given four options to pick from. The one dad said that he had eaten three of the (exotic) choices and quickly guessed the right meat, which was kangaroo!
The men had a great time deciding which exotic meat to choose. I think some less adventurous dad's were happy to have "normal" meats to pick from.
So, thank you for your great jerky!!!

This is amazing! When my order arrived, I got some good jerky but was missing my exotic pieces. After reaching out, I got great customer service and my missing pieces were shipped the same day!

Wonderful experience

This was a gift for my father,and he said it was Very delicious and had no complaints 10/10 shipped quickly and packaged wonderfully


our son said all the flavors were phenomenal with his favorite being kangaroo and elk. He preferred the flatly jerky sticks vs the "slim jim" type but said they were good also. Great gift and will definitely purchase again!

Looks exactly like the pictures. My dad was very happy with this as a gift!

Great taste

Great teast and amazing speed of delivery

Disappointed it all taste the same

The only difference of the beef jerky is the spicy and the non-spicy. All the jerky that was given tastes just like regular beef jerky. All the all the exotic animals are masked with a beef or chicken flavor so it all tastes the same.

A must try

This jerky is fire soooo good a must try

Birthday Gift

I bought this pack for my son for his birthday and he loves it!!!

Alligator Stick Mild
Michael Lloyd
Family Affair

The entire family loves them. Ready for the next order.

everything I have tried is awesome

Best jerky and sticks!

Love your meat quality and variety. I had to order this one myself after getting one for Valentines. One stick and an apple has become my new power lunch.

Exotic jerky with beef.

They were super fast with the shipping. I ordered a day later it shipped next day it delivered. The meat came in 100% right I counted all 20 sticks. I will be shopping here again. I had to return though only cause my fiance wanted 100% exotic NO beef at all. I had to pay $10.50 for the weight to send it back to them. Once they got the meat they issued my full refund back. Very kind people very fast shipping. Just not happy I had to pay for the return.

Good but definitely spicy

Really good beef stick but it's not for kids this one is definitely spicy wow...

Basic review

Everything was great!

Alligator Stick Mild
Marty Mortimer
Alligator Mild

Excellent taste!!

Camel Jerky
Kevin Lundby

Camel Jerky

Great gift. I got these for my husband. Loved the variety of the meat. Shipping was quick.

Packages and shipping were great. I gave this as gift to my husband and he loved it. The variety is amazing.

Alligator Cajun Jerky
Kenyatta Lloyd
Always great quality!

My whole family loved the jerky and super fast shipping!!

Alligator Mild 8oz. Stick Pack Zick's

Excellent variety and taste!

Have purchased this twice for the husband and he is ecstatic every time I give it to him! Will buy again for sure!

Interesting? Yes. Great shipping speed and packaging? Yes. Taste? Not really something I'd buy again. I never finished the box.