Exotic & Gourmet Jerky and Great Gifts for Men (and Women)


Stocking Stuffers for Men

A 2019 holiday season buyer's guide to nail the perfect manly gifts

Start Shopping Jerky

Stocking stuffers are a holiday season staple – and for good reason! Presents under the tree are a joy, but that joy is incomplete without the wonderful feeling of digging through a giant ogre-sized sock for goodies. Sometimes, though, finding the right stocking stuffer gift for a man proves to be challenging.

Fear not, we're here to help with our 2019 Stocking Stuffers for Men Guide. Read on for our top suggestions as well as some of our own holiday-season best-sellers. 

Find That Perfect Fit

The perfect stocking stuff is the unexpected gift. Chocolates, ties, and socks are fine, but you'll really knock it out of the park if you find something unique. Obviously, size matters. You only have so much room in that stocking, so here are some fun ideas that will fit and impress.

Spice it Up at Home

Are you looking to spice it up at home? This date night game might be the perfect way to get that going. It's a simple card game that works to spark conversation and make your home life more fun. It isn't just good for couples, it can be more PG-13 and used in groups for dinner parties, hangouts, or anything of that nature. And it fits in a stocking!  

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Smarten Up Your Home

Making your home "smart" is more accessible than ever. There are smartphone apps and voice-activated devices that let you control your home from anywhere. From locking and unlocking doors to turning lights on and off to playing music from room to room and more, there is something fun for everyone when your home gets smart. 

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Drink in Style...or On the Go

We certainly aren't advocating irresponsible drinking, but we do love a good spirit in moderation from time to time. If your man is in the same boat, might we suggest a stylish flask. These are perfect to take with you to events, tailgates, and parties. 

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Gone are the days of the headphone jack. Farewell, convenience. But all hope is not lost – enter the Apple Airpods. These are the ultimate stocking stuffer gift for anyone using an Apple device – iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. They're easy to connect and sound great! 

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Obviously Jerky

We hope you aren't too surprised that we would recommend jerky as one of the most perfect stocking stuffer gifts for men. Now, even though we've made this guide as an assist for man-shopping, we are fully aware that women love jerky, too. So whether for your man, or yourself, or your kids, parents, in-laws, or co-workers, or anyone else special in your life, grab some tasty exotic meat to put over the fireplace mantle this year. Jerky is the perfect size, and it's sure to please. To get you started, we're showing off some of our most popular selections.

We hope you enjoyed our stocking stuffer gift guide. There are tons of options out there, but we feel we've shown off some of the most unique man-pleasing options on the interwebz. Regardless of what ends up in your stockings, we wish you a very merry Christmas!