Join the Dynasty!

If you're like us, you always wish you had some jerky around for that post-workout snack, midday office snack to make your stomach stop growling, or just because you think jerky is awesome. But IS jerky always around when you need it? It is now! #jointhedynasty by subscribing to our monthly Dynasty Box, and we'll ship a beautiful assortment every 30 days of top-notch exotic, gourmet, and old-fashioned jerky to quench that meaty thirst. 

Maybe you're not the jerky eater, but you know someone who is (HINT: this is an amazing gift for men!) – well, this is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Each month's Dynasty Box will have bags, sticks, sausage, snacks, or other goodies that you won't find in a store...and some you won't even find as a regular item in our shop! 

Click here to read more details and see descriptions of our different editions.